Norbert Blank live

story telling, multimedia and multivision shows 


Norbert Blank presents his images, films and storys on large screens (maximum 8 * 14 meter) set with music, sound and personal live reports.

Enjoy the unique experience of his awesome and award-winning multivisions shows and live presentations.

Be part of the adventure

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 Dates and events:

Live Presentation by Norbert Blank Date Start Location Info and Tickets 
THE WORLD OF KAYAK 23.Okt 2016 19.30h D-24358 Ascheffel  / Globetrotter Lodge 

Globetrotter Akademie and Lodge

The show is over :-(

THE WORLD OF KAYAK 04.Mär 2017 18.00 h D-59423 Unna / Aula der Harkortschule / Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 78

Kanu NRW and Sport Schröer

The show is over :-(


22. and 23. Apr 2017 Kanu Erlebnis Messe von EKÜ Sport / D-29356 Ecklingen

EKÜ Sport

The show is over :-(

THE WORLD OF KAYAK 27.Apr 2017 19.00 h  CH-8590 Romanshorn / Aula der Kantons Schule / Weitenzelg Straße 12

Kanuclub Romanshorn Ch

The show is over :-(

THE WORLD OF KAYAK 03.Jun 2017 20.00h SLO-5230 Bovec / Soca Testival / Camp Toni

Open Air Show during Soca Testival in cooperation with Prijon, Lettmann, Kober, BlueandWhite

The show is over :-(

THE WORLD OF KAYAK  coming soon :-) 


The new show: "THE WORLD OF KAYAK"

Whitewater-, sea-, sup- und surf- kayaking in southern and tropical waterworlds

Awesome images, films and storys on our blue planet.

Countrys: Ecuador, Greece, Colombia, Grand Canyon USA and ...




One year crossing Latin America from north to south on a motorbike with sidecar

Countrys: From Mexiko to Patagonia, a lot of Latin America

Best Adventure: winner of the international festival "el mundo"




Travelling with a kid and an historic truck through Arabia and Persia

A journalists independent reportage





Ski freeride adventure with horses in Tien-Shan mountains 

Country: Kirgistan, Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia 

Language: German, Kyrgyz and Russian with Englich subtitles



A review of earlier multivisons shows and events

Ghana, Cuba and HORIZONTE Festival: